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We are a team of dedicated, hardworking lawyers who believe in bringing justice to those who need it most. We believe in equal rights for all, and we work hard to protect the rights of our clients. From assisting in family legal issues, personal injuries, real estate and corporate cases, our team of experts will represent you in the best possible manner at court.

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We began our journey with the firm belief in fighting for justice for every individual and have been striving hard to deliver what we promise our clients. Our expert lawyers care about you, and will go far and beyond to protect your rights and defend you in court.

Our Areas of Expertise

Civil Law

Most common field of law that deals with disputes among individuals.

Divorce Law

Dissolution of a legally recognized marriage that varies from country to country.

Property Law

Deals with Moveable-immoveable property ownership/possession & sale.

Criminal Law

State enforced rules and regulation controlling the conduct of its citizens

Banking Law

Administer over the banking business, with the aim to regulate transactions.

Cheque Bounce Law

Dishonour of cheques is quite common, it is covered under the negotiable instruments act.

Consumer Court Law

Guidelines and rules are made for the purpose of safeguarding the rights of the consumer .

Trademark & Copyright Law

Serve the purpose to protect the rights of usage of an original idea, work, product, or brand .



Advocate Jitender Kaushik (Delhi)

Debt recovery and other cases


Advocate Shubham Buddhiraja (Delhi)

Debt recovery cases


Advocate Vikas Jain (Delhi)

Civil court cases


Advocate Surinder Kalra (Gurugram)

Property registration, power of attorney and will 


Advocate Ramesh Kumar Ambavta (Chandigarh)

AAG - Punjab and Haryana High Court


Advocate Baljeet Singh (Gurugram)

Senior Advocate dealing in all kinds of cases 


Advocate Bhawna Gupta (Delhi)

Civil, criminal, matrimony and cyber law cases


Advocate Sagar (Indore)

Trademark Registration and Food Licence


Advocate Durgesh Rao (Delhi)

Civil, Banking & Criminal law


Advocate Banvari lal prajapati (Gurugram)

Criminal case


Advocate Ram Avtar (Gurugram)

Civil case


Advocate Rishab Gupta (Gurugram)

Civil, matrimony, check bounce, Recovery cases , & Rera


Advocate Rishi Pan (Gurugram)

Civil , criminal law , Family law


Advocate RK Gupta (Chhatarpur)

Property registration , power of attorney & DDA matter


Advocate Vinod Khaushik (Gurugram)

Corporate Labour Law, Management Lawyer, Consumer Court and Cheque Bounce cases


Advocate SK Verma ( Gurugram)

Management  Lawyer


Advocate Ravinder Yadav (Delhi)

Rera Cases , Socitey act , Civil, criminal , Matrimonial , Consumer court 


Advocate Tezpal ( Gurugram)

Civil , Criminal , Divorce , cheque Bounce  cases


Advocate Umesh (Gurugram)

Civil , Property & Revenue Matters 


Advocate Gopi chand ( Gurugram)

Criminal , Accidental , claim , cheque bounce & Civil cases  


Advocate Raghubir saini (Gurugram)

Criminals cases


Advocate Rajiv Gandass ( Gurugram)

Civil & criminal Cases  


Advocate RK Jaiswal (Gurugram)

Divorce , Hindu marriage act , crimnal & Properties Cases 


Advocate Ambuj Srivastav ( Gurugram)

Criminal  , Matrimonial & cheque Bounce cases


Advocate Anubhav Almadi (Gurugram)

Cheque  bounce , Matrimonial & criminal cases 


Advocate Anil Chauhan ( Gurugram)

Criminal , Industrial Consultancy & Rera Cases


Advocate Akash Gupta (Gurugram)

Civil , Matrimonial cases


Advocate sunita Srivastav ( Gurugram)

Civil & Banking Cases


Advocate Arun shokeen (Gurugram)

Civil , Matrimonial , Cheque bounce & Properties Cases


Advocate Ashish Kumar (Gurugram)

Land due diligence cases 


Advocate Ashok kumar Yadav(Gurugram)

Civil , criminal , consumer court & Rera  cases .


Advocate Ambuj Srivastav (Greater Noida)

Civil , Criminal & consumer court cases . 


Advocate Anil Badhwar (Gurugram)

Industrial Disputes .


Advocate Amit Jain (Gurugram)

Practicing in district court , Since -2003 , Dealing  in Criminal , Matrimonial & cheque bounce case .


Advocate Bagwanti Sethi (Gurugram))

Dealing with all type of cases & they have more than 10 year Exprience 


Advocate (Gurugram)

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